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Welcome to my new review blog, Review Planet!  You can find my main blog at Toddler Planet,  I’ve recently started reviewing products with Parent Bloggers, and this is going to be where I post and archive the reviews.  Like it?  Love it?  Want more of it?  Then check out these other Blogging and Reviewing Mamas, from Izzy’s Review Blog, below!

Review Bloggers Blogroll

The Mexican DVD Review
The Mummy Chronicles
Crazy but That’s How it Goes…
Do as I Say & No One Gets…
Busy Mom Reviews
PunditMom Reviews
Surrender, Dorothy Book Reviews
Nik’s Picks
Andrew Taylor Recommends
Dishing It Out
One Plus Two’s .02
Go Window Shopping
Cape Buffalo Says…
The Domestic Diva
Midwestern Mommy
Baby Fashion Blog
Village Cafe
Metro Mama
Blog con Queso
Troll Baby Reviews
Crunchy Carpets
MU Reviews & News
Struck Reviews
A Gaggle of Book Reviews
Maven Says
The Opinionated Parent
NonStop Chatter
Where’s Mommy’s Prozac?
Props and Pans
Three Kid Circus Auditions
Delaney Diaries Reviews
Mama Said Check This Out
Mommy’s Must Haves
Breeni Books
F i n a ‘ D r e a
Builder Mama Picks & Pans
Plain Jane Mom Reviews
Mom Reviews
Mama Says…


2 responses to this post.

  1. thanks for the link…I am hoping to get my reviews up for Punk Rock Dad and Dangerous Book for boys sooner than later!


  2. I’m adding you to my blogroll on MomReviews! Looking forward to reading more.


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