Soothing Soothies

New mothers, breastfeeding mothers, mothers wincing in pain as they try to distract themselves by reading or watching TV over their babies’ soft, downy, sleepy heads as they nurse, I have news for you.

There is a product that you should check out if you’re having pain with nursing your newborn.  They’re called Soothies, and they’re wonderful.  Simply wonderful.  Without being too graphic, if you’re getting blisters and bubbles in all the wrong places, pop a couple of these gel-filled pads on the hurt area betweentimes, and your body will thank you.  Instantly, you’ll feel a cooling sensation, and, as that dissipates, the inflamed area will relax and begin to heal. 

Add in a relaxing pre-soak in hot water and/or an epsom salt solution (soak yourself, not the Soothie) and positioning advice from a licensed breastfeeding consultant or, and you’re on your way to recovery.

Soothies can be found at your local CVS store or select online retailer.  They’re expensive ($11.99 and up for two), but worth every penny.  Especially if you cut them in half and use only a half-circle at a time.

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