Avent breast shells

Avent breast shells.  Use ’em.  Love em.  Wish I’d known about them before month #4 of nursing baby #2.

A friend mentioned these to me in an offhand way this week, and would you believe I’d never tried ’em?  I thought they were for inverted nipples.  Boy, was I wrong!  These guys are fabulous for chapped, blistered, bruised, blanched, otherwise injured nipples, or just plain leaking.  For details on use and effectiveness, feel free to check elsewhere, but let me just say, if you’re having nursing difficulties at all, check these out and try them — they give you the space to heal. 

That’s what they do.  These little plastic domes hold the bra away from the breast and let the nipples air-dry and heal between feedings.  Simple.  Easy.  And yet so very critical to the healing.

They also are good to use during a feeding.  Slip one in your bra on the side that the baby isn’t nursing from, and it collects any milk that leaks from that side.  Without compression.  Without soaking rag after rag or pad after pad.  Without worry.

Use ’em.  Love em.  Heal.


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