Joovy Caboose

Wondering how to transport your adventurous toddler and cunning baby?  Looking for an alternative beyond the Graco Duo or a sling and a stroller?  Then you may want to check out the Joovy Caboose.  The Caboose is a funky mix of a stroller and ride-on toy for moms with two kids under 5, at least 2 years apart.  It’s an ideal solution for moms of a toddler and a newborn, as the newborn can ride in the front seat with the special car seat attatchment and the toddler (or anyone over age 2.5 and less than 50 pounds) can ride sitting down in the back.  Later, the little one can sit upright or recline (some) in the front seat and the older one can either sit or stand in the back, buckled in or unrestrained. Of course the directions say to strap ’em in every time, but the part we like best about this is the flexible seating arrangements. 

As I’m strolling with my newborn at a reasonable pace, my toddler can run ahead, lag behind, sit in the “jump seat” of the stroller, or “hop aboard” the back, standing on the running board and holding onto the handles.  All in the span of a minute and a half.  Although it can make for a bit of a hectic walk, it’s all worth it on the trip HOME from the park, when everybody collapses onto the stroller and begins to fall asleep.






Three cheers for the Joovy Caboose!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Thanks for this unsolicited review. We are expecting #2 in 6 weeks, 2.8 years after #1 and still not decided what stroller solution to go for. I am convinced by your review. How is it to fold up and put in the car?


  2. Whitney, the Caboose is a breeze to fold up and put in the car — but it does take two hands. My advice is to put the kids in their car seats first and then fold the Caboose. Or have a friend/partner do it while you settle the kids in. We use it mostly for walks around the neighborhood, but it did come in handy on a recent trip to the zoo!


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