Light Iris

 PBN Light Iris: A Parent-Focused Search Engine

I have a new favorite search engine.  Not for work.  Not for hobbies.  But for the most important area of my life, parenting.

A new website has sprung up that is truly a useful tool.  Light Iris  uses Google technology and a tight filter to return just the most useful results to parenting queries.  Need information about a child’s cough at 2 a.m.?  Looking for other moms dealing with teething?  How about a wealth of information on kids and milk allergies?  It’s all here. 

Light Iris uses powerful search techniques, a clean look, and a focus on utility to present the best of the web for parents.  Since I heard about the site, I’ve been using it pretty regularly — and loving it.  Thanks, Light Iris, for helping me save time and energy by weeding through the results and showing me just the ones from trusted parenting sites.  It’s most appreciated … especially at 2 a.m.

Want more opinions?  Check out other posts about Light Iris at Parent Bloggers Network — or just “Light Iris” them!  (Does that sound funny to you?  Remember when “Google” was just a noun?  Light Iris may just be the wave of the future….) 

I’ll be back here again on Friday, June 8, for the blog blast, sponsored by PBN and Light Iris!  Check it out — they’re giving away a free registration for BLOGHER!

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