Hurrah for local charities!

Today, PBN asked its bloggers to write on the topic, “Where does my time go?”  Canape asked me a few days ago to write about what charities I support.  I’m combining the two — not because I’m not a big meme fan — but because I firmly believe that one of the best ways, if not THE best way, to support your favorite charities is with the gift of time.

When all the bathing, feeding, teaching, and playing is done, where does my time go?

1. Dog rescue.  Since 2001, we have taken in a new dog approximately every month, helping him learn and grow from (typically) a shy, discarded dog into a pup ready to be a beloved member of a household.  We work with a fantastic local organization which I would absolutely love to name if it wouldn’t be too identifying for me.  But it might.  So I’ll leave it at that.  You can find fabulous dog and cat rescues in your area via Petfinder!

2. The Washington Animal Rescue League.  Until I became pregnant (and shouldn’t be around so many cat litterboxes), hubby and I volunteered there, walking dogs and cuddling cats, every Sunday afternoon.  I desparately want to start walking dogs there again, but can’t do it with the boys until they’re older.  But I encourage you to do it or donate if you support the cause!  Or just check out these photos of their NEW cageless facility!

3. A local women’s and children’s shelter.  I just organized a book drive for a local women and children’s transitional housing organization, and I’m really happy about that.  Last year, I was a tutor for a mom with a 1 year old; our kids often played together while I tutored her in physics. It was pretty great, and I’m hoping to do more with them as I can.

4. Sally Ride Science Club.  When I was at work, I would give annual talks at her science festivals in the DC area.  I think this is a fabulous organization, and I just love it.

5. Best Friends Animal Society.  Do you know about this fabulous sanctuary in Utah’s Angel Canyon?  It leaves me breathless beyond words.  This is where most of our dollars go, since it’s too far for us to travel for hands-on work.  It’s one of the few national organizations to which I feel really good about donating money (mostly I favor donating time and money to local start-ups, as they are closer to the need; just my opinion).  They take animals that even shelters and rescues are hard-pressed to help, provide them with all the therapy and love that they need, and find them new homes.

Bravo, to all these fine folks! 

Want to talk about your favorite charities?  Want to talk about where your time goes, and be entered to win a $200 registration to BLOGHER, courtesy PBN and Light Iris?  Consider yourself tagged!


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