The bear and the monkey

Dear Curious George and Bear in the Big Blue House,

I’m sorry.  I was wrong.  You guys can come over to our house anytime.

Especially when both boys are sick, whiny, and don’t know what to do with themselves.  When the baby has been nursing for over two hours and the toddler won’t nap.  When I think I’ll spontaneously combust if I hear, “Yeeeeeeeeeeees. No.  Yeeeeeeeeeees. No.” to every inquiry.  When it’s all I can do to change the revolving door (revolting doo?) of poopy diapers and daub at the fluids emanating from the little noses and mouths surrounding me.  When even the dog is lethargic.  (Wait — the dog is always lethargic!)

Thank you, PBS.  I needed just a little extra help today.


P.S.  We totally love the Curious George games too!  Widget can do “Counting Chickens” and the matching game already.


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