Thinking about getting cards for BlogHer?  Haven’t decided where to go or how to fit it into your busy schedule?  I recommend VistaPrint, the online shop that makes it easy — really easy — to make business cards, letterhead, and more.  

VistaPrint has hundreds of designs, including a good selection to use on personal (non-business) cards.  I’ve used them for my own business for a the last two years, and I ordered my cards for BlogHer there too.  250 cards for $3.99 plus shipping.  Now, the shipping can run you — but check out all the other free offers while you’re there; maybe you want to try their postcards, notecards, letterhead, or something else — they run special offers all the time for limited quantities of these products, so that you’ll try it and come back for more.

Here are some current specials:

  • Free self-inking stamp;
  • Free postcards;
  • Free notecards;
  • Free business cards (limited choice of design);
  • Free logo design; and
  • Inexpensive sample sets of letterhead, envelopes, invitations, announcements, and many other products.

VistaPrint is a high-quality, quick-turnaround printer that I would definitely recommend.

And my cards?  My cards look great!


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  1. I love Vista Print. Did you know that you can sign up to be an affiliate (kind of like an avon lady without the parties) and it is free. good review.


  2. I checked out VistaPrint’s free cards, but what I really want is a card with a piece of my blog header on it, and that costs a LOT more than $3.99. Do you mind if I ask which design you chose?


  3. Custom graphics can be pricey. I used the planet one (toddler planet and all), but there were some cute stock images, I thought. Try the “custom logo” option too — there are some figures or flowers that might work ….


  4. Posted by Meredith on July 24, 2007 at 6:04 am

    If you are looking for business cards, check out
    They offer great professional designs, blogger cards, and blank models so you can upload you own images! I’ve been very satisfied with their print quality, and their prices!


  5. Posted by Suzie on August 5, 2007 at 5:40 pm

    I do NOT recommend VistaPrint. I paid for business cards with my credit card, and then VistaPrint enrolled me into a bogus rewards program without my knowledge or consent. I found this out when I noticed unusual $14.95 monthly charges on my credit card statement. I called my credit card company and they said the “rewards” program was affiliated with VistaPrint. Calls to VistaPrint were met with 20-30 minute hold times. I called several times and was promised the charges would be reversed and stopped, but they continued for several months. I had to get the credit card company to dispute the charges as VistaPrint was no help. The credit card rep said that they get many, many complaints from customers about these unauthorized charges from VistaPrint. By all means, save yourself a major headache, and go elsewhere for your printing needs!


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