August Reviews

New product reviews are in the works!  Here’s the schedule for August:

August 6: Easy-flow, two-piece sippy cups from Gerber for toddlers or babies who just won’t drink from a bottle – sorry, they didn’t work!  But nothing has worked for my babe, so I won’t blame the good folks at Gerber!

August 8:  Hats for chemo patients and others looking for small, soft, comfy caps to wear

August 10:  Maximum Ride, the new teen adventure novel by James Patterson (MotherTalk)

August 16:  ImagiTales personalized children’s books (ParentBloggers Network)

August 17:  Mr. Dad:  School Aged Kids (ParentBloggers Network)

August 22: The Pod, Fisher Price miracle product for babies who love to be outside but aren’t ready to sit up yet

August 30:  The new WordWorld DVD for preschoolers (ParentBloggers Network)

Edited to add:  And coming up in September:  BOB Books review (MotherTalk) and Wilbur, a new DVD for preschoolers that encourages them to read (ParentBloggers Network).  Should be fun!


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