Fathering Your School-Age Child

When Parent Bloggers asked me to review Armin A. Brott’s new parenting book, Fathering Your School-Age Child / A Dad’s Guide to the Wonder Years: 3 to 9, I immediately said yes.  Or, really, we said yes.  WhyDaddy was a big fan of his earlier book, The New Dad, and read it cover-to-cover when we were expecting Widget to make his appearance.  WhyDaddy proclaimed the earlier book, “the best of the new dad books that I’ve seen,” and referred to it frequently during the first few months.  So we were both excited to read the new book.

With his newest book for preschoolers and school-aged kids, Brott continues an excellent series for fathers.  WhyDaddy and I both found the book to be clear, concise, and straightforward advice for the thinking dad.  It’s a common sense guide to the new situations and conundrums faced by dads with growing kids, full of information shared casually without being preachy.  The advice is clear without being simplistic.  WhyDaddy says that the prose is, “very readable; friendly without being condescending.”  Brott really gets into the mind of dads and walks them through new situations like a trusted friend.

The chapter on 3 year olds (our expertise) has been great reading and given us some things to think and talk about.  One of the aspects we like most about this book is its emphasis on research, not just opinion.  The text is well-researched without being overly technical and dry.  Brott is good at referencing studies, but he also acknowledges when the research straddles the fence and is not definitive on a particular point.

WhyDaddy had only one complaint, “Although the author provides a very good filter on research results, the more research-oriented parent would appreciate pointers to the studies or at least further information.” 

Overall though, we both really like this book and recommend it for dads of kids just starting school.

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