The Pod

This a review of The Pod that my friends and I rave about.  Its real name is lost to the internet (and therefore, unfortunately, no search engine will ever find this post), but it was made by Fisher Price a few years ago and it is one of the best inventions ever for a Mama of very little ones who likes to get outside and yet still have the use of her hands.

My littlest one, Little Bear, loves to be outside and enjoy the fresh air, but he has never tolerated being put down on a blanket on the ground with me.  He just hates it.  He likes to be outside on my lap, on the hammock, in a bouncy seat, or in a pack-and-play, but he will not tolerate lying down on the ground.  Whether it’s too hard, too bumpy, or too cold, I don’t know, but he just hates it.

Luckily, my friend Stimey and her three boys introduced me to The Pod.


The Pod unfolds easily into the configuration shown above.  Baby lies down on the soft, bouncy surface and is quickly mesmerized by his new view of the trees, the sky, and/or the three soft toys that hang down from the pod cover.  This is a nice solution for a baby who’s not fond of lying on a blanket on the ground, or a family with other toddlers and/or dogs who might run roughshod over said blanket. 

If the mosquitos come out to play too, The Pod can be zipped up to protect baby’s soft skin — and still give him a great view through the mosquito netting.


This Pod is awesome.  If only I knew its real name.

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