Word World

“It’s time to build a word… let’s build it … let’s build it now!” With this catchy phrase and a groovy beat, the characters and action of World World are coming to PBS this Fall.

Word World is a bright and happy haven for characters like Duck, Dog, Sheep, Bear, Frog, and Cat, who play and have adventures that will capture your child’s imagination from the very first segment.

The characters are a delight, and the concept is fresh and innovative.

Every character, every structure, and many supporting objects are made out of … words. In the two 11-minute episodes that I reviewed, favorites like House, Train, Barn, Bridge, and Cave were drawn into the scenery as words shaped into perfectly recognizable objects and places. The characters are also words, with Bear being appropriately taller than Dog, for instance. Letters abound as background as well, where appropriate, such as when they’re being delivered by train or waiting to be used in Cat’s junkyard.

But the magic happens when the friends need to build a word. During the first quest, Runaway O’s, Kangaroo delivers a box of O’s to Cat’s junkyard. But before she gets to open the B-O-X, Sheep and Dog bump into it and the O goes rolling away! The O has many rolling adventures and we meet the other main characters as we see all the ways that the O could slip away without us noticing. For instance, an O looks a lot like a doughnut in Pig’s Bakery, and a floating ring in Duck’s pond. But this O can’t hide for long, and the friends herd it back to the yard just in time for Cat to wake up from her catnap. They reassemble the box by putting the letters in order while singing the bright ditty above, and a little animation magic helps it springs into shape, ready to be opened.

The second episode I reviewed, The Birds, is even cuter, but I think I’ll just recommend that you watch this one yourself. The colors are bright, the dialogue is happy, and the stories are captivating enough for a mom to enjoy as well. In short? While I’m no fan of too much TV, I’m definitely a fan of Word World for little ones big enough to recognize letters and prepare for the magic of reading.

This review was done in concert with the fine moms and dads at Parent Bloggers. The show debuts on PBS September 3 and Target will be rolling out DVDs any day now.


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