Swiss Family Robinson

Really … really?  Yes, I’m actually posting a review of the classic book, Swiss Family Robinson, by Jonathan Wyss.  I know we all probably read it as kids, but what I want to say today is how thoroughly enjoyable a read it has been for me with my own kids, even though my oldest has just turned three.  I’m careful to edit out references to guns (my choice), and I toned down the shipwreck scene, but the rest of the book has been absolutely wonderful to read and enjoy with my preschooler.

He is absolutely captivated. 

And the best part?  There are new, $3 editions out there at many of the major craft stores, drugstores, and chain stores right now with simplified text and big type, so that the little ones can learn the relationship between words on a page and stories that they hear as they drift gently off to sleep, wild tales of adventure, creativity, and family dancing in their minds.

Best $3 I ever spent.


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  1. […] than he has been in letters and words.  But recently, with the advent of our nightly reads of Swiss Family Robinson, his first chapter book, with pictures only on every other page, he’s been spending more time […]


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