Right Words at the Right Time

The Right Words at the Right Time, volume 2: Your Turn!, a collection of inspirational vignettes collected by Marlo Thomas, is a lovely book to flip through at the odd moment or browse if you’re in need of inspiration.  The stories are told from a large number and diversity of perspectives, and each has a nugget of common wisdom couched in a friend’s words.  It’s an interesting look at the effect that we can (intentionally or unintentionally) have on people through our words, surely an appealing thought for any blogger.  This book is at its essence a book to browse, to pick up now and again, and to marvel at. 

For more, check it out at the publisher’s web site, the book’s own web site, or Amazon.

I think maybe I’ll leave my copy at my local Wellness Community or OB/GYN’s office when I’ve finished reading it.  Well, maybe not the Wellness Community.  The last chapter is on letting go, and, it wasn’t all that comforting for me personally.  It may be for you, though, so I invite you to pick it up and judge for yourself. 

The Right Words at the Right Time is a treasure trove of reflective essays from people who sought change in their lives and credit a friend or other human being for helping them to find the right path.  Surely a good message, and a nice book.

This review was done in conjunction with a Mother Talk Blog Tour.


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