Barefoot Books

Barefoot Books is a fascinating publisher and distributing network that focuses on bringing quality books to children.  They produce and publish amazing books that celebrate a diversity of experiences and things to dream about.  Recently, an independent distributor offered me a book to review, and I gladly accepted it.  The book was The Magic Train Ride, written by Sally Crabtree and illustrated by Sonia Esplugas.

The Magic Train Ride is a delightful imaginative romp by a trainful of children, animals, aliens, and sea creatures through all kinds of fantastical situations: undersea, in a magical forest, outer space, the beach, and back home again.  Its repetitive structure provides predictability with just enough change to interest preschoolers of today.  The illustrations are bright and interesting, with something new to be discovered on each re-reading! 

There is a CD that comes with the book; the recorded train whistle adds auditory interest, but I think the book stands alone.  My preschooler loves the book and loves the CD but hasn’t really had much interest in the two together.  The CD is great for car trips, though, and we have totally enjoyed it.

My favorite book from this publisher is the gorgeously lavish and technically accurate (while quite fantastical) Star Seeker.  Check that one out if you’re in the market for a space fantasy book for preschoolers or a unique baby gift!

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