Prologue vs. Twitter introduced Prologue today, a suspiciously-Twitterlike platform for group mini-blogs.  It’s an interesting idea for groups working cross-country, or anywhere they are not co-located.  Prologue is like a virtual water cooler for individuals to post their ideas, comment on others, and start conversations that may no longer arise spontaneously when so many telecommute.  Privacy settings are the same as for other blogs — password-protected, public, or public but not available to search engines.

It sounds like a great solution for project-based communications, and I may even use it for future projects, but one thing that I think it will NOT do is replace Twitter.

I’ve only been using twitter for a little over a week, and already I’ve found it indispensible.  Want to start a conversation?  Join one?  Keep up with your friends or meet fascinating people?  All can be done on Twitter quickly and easily.  In the last week, I’ve found new web sites to read, kept abreast of the news, formed friendships, and become aware of new events across the world and in my own back yard.  I’ve also used it to keep friends and family informed of medical updates as I’ve been in and out of the hospital this week and recovering.  It’s been an amazing time to be sick, as it were; technology is keeping me close to friends I knew and friends that I never would have known otherwise, even though I am sick in bed.

So welcome, Prologue, but long live Twitter!


2 responses to this post.

  1. looks like a neat idea – but uh, they sure don’t make it easy for users to use it …


  2. I like the idea as we have this feature for our members on most of our Moms and Dads like it, lets see how does thru Blogging. Great Article!


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