Neosporin with pain relief

Neosporin, that standby magical ointment that, with a mother’s kiss, heals all wounds, has just gotten better. 

Sometime between my childhood and my children’s, they came out with two incredible improvements: first, it comes in a cream version (sticky no more!), and second, they have added a topical analgesic.  The new Neosporin cream + pain relief is an amazing product.  I have used it for cuts, insect bites, and healing from severe radiation burns that developed during my cancer treatment.  It helped when no other product would, and I am so thankful that my oncologist recommended this for short-term relief.

Other products that I used and would recommend for radiation burns, by the way, include Exclair, a prescription cream; Eucerin and Aquaphor, over the counter, inexpensive creams, although I didn’t have much success with them after the initial burns began; a prescription steroid cream when the pain was too much to stand; and a pharmacist’s mix of Aquaphor and aloe, which made a creamy paste that worked well as a poultice.

But for those days when the radiation burns caused surface pain but I had to leave the house dressed and ready anyway, I totally relied on Neosporin plus pain relief.  It took away the pain, soothed the burns, moisturized the new skin underneath, and, unlike the other products, didn’t stain my clothes.


This review was completely unsolicited; I just really liked the product.

Please note: this product is not for pregnant or breastfeeding women, or children under two.  Talk to a doctor or read the patient labeling before use.


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