Rapido, a catch-the-marbles game for ages 4-7, is an intriguing game that my three-year-old and I like to play together.  I make sure he gets one of the easy pieces, we set it up together, and then it’s a mad scramble while he and I (and sometimes Daddy or a grandparent) push our bamboo cylinders over the marbles to capture them in just the right pattern.  He laughs and giggles, and it’s not too frustrating for even a young preschooler’s motor skills.

An Oppenheim award winner, this is one of the few new games with an original, if simple concept.  Line up the bamboo marbles in just the right way, and be the first to finish.  It can easily be modified for younger players, by removing the time constraint element, or the element of competition, and there are enough marbles for everyone playing to each finish their patterns without squabbling over a particular color marble.

The materials feel good, the game is fun to play, and this is a great rainy-day activity with kids. 

I had only one complaint about this game — the enclosed rope is too stiff, making it difficult to really keep the marbles in the enclosed area.  Since the marbles are so light, they tend to hop over or roll over the rope with little force, which can be a problem if there are younger kids in the house.  But the game is adequately labeled, and there are no dangerous magnets involved, so as far as I’m concerned, this one’s a keeper.

Great pick, Parent Bloggers!


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  1. […] First up, Rapido. This blogger gave a great description of how the game works: “The game itself is pretty simple. Everyone picks a colored cylinder and takes a tile with the colored dots on it. You put the rope on the floor or table in a circle (I recommend the floor); place all of the colored marbles inside the big wooden cylinder; lift the cylinder so the marbles go everywhere; and then see who can fill their cylinder with the marbles the fastest. The only trick is that you have to pick them up in the order they are on the tiles with the colored dots.” Another mother added: “It can easily be modified for younger players, by removing the time constraint element, or the eleme…” […]


  2. Sounds super fun, I will have to try this with the kiddos!


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