We’re digging a fun new show on PBS. It’s called Raggs, and it’s a happy little preschool adventure featuring five dogs who play together and play instruments in a band. We don’t watch much TV, preferring to muck around outside in the mud, splash in the baby pool, climb into the treehouse and look for pirates, and catch fireflies if we happen to be up past dusk, but this is a nice little show, with happy, catchy music and friendly characters, and it’s been a nice change from our Sprout Diet of the last few months. (I mean, really. Why on earth DOES Sprout, the PBS kids preschool channel, have SO MANY commercials for grown-up items like stain remover? And will they please come calm my kid down when I spill something? He’s all, “We need STAIN REMOVER, Mommy!” Lovely.)

Raggs is on at 12:30 on WETA in the Washington, D.C. area. It’s definitely worth a peek if your TV time falls between lunch and naptime, as ours did today.

The reviewer received a preview DVD and blue stuffed dog. Thankfully, it doesn’t squeak. Or play in a band with the other stuffed animals during naptime.

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