I am NOT my breast cancer

Although it sounds funny, coming from me, a breast cancer detection and survival advocate, I really get tired of the whole cancer thing some days. I was starting to get overwhelmed with it last month, actually, and freaking out a bit once my treatment was finished but I still had to wait several months for scans. I’d been in treatment for almost a year — what was I to do now? How would I go back to being my old self again?

I think I’m finding that happy medium now, where I can return to normal, but it’s a new normal, and I’m better for knowing that. One of the things that helped me find equilibrium and yet talk about the recovery issues was a book that I discovered recently called I Am NOT My Breast Cancer, by Ruth Peltason. Ms. Peltason is a breast cancer survivor herself, but the book is a compilation of research and anecdotes, studies and quips, that really illustrates some of the complexities of giving the fight against cancer everything you’ve got.

And I do mean everything.

The book is fabulous, and would make a great gift for any woman struggling with identity after a prolonged fight. Or someone trying to understand her.


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  1. That’s a good book and I can recommend another, the middle place by kelly Corrigan. It is a wonderful read!


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