BlogHer Swag that didn’t.

Imstell asked yesterday … what products didn’t make it home with you, and what did you object to receiving? While I am a FIRM believer in the Kind Blog philosophy, I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to mention which items I (personally) objected to. Here’s the top 5. Okay, 6. Oh, all right, 7.

1. Products unnecessarily made out of FOOD;

2. Products with excessive packaging/waste;

3. Breastfeeding swag pushed even on the infertile and those for whom breastfeeding would be technically impossible (really, I guarantee you that I will never need to know if I’ve had too much alcohol to breastfeed);

4. .05 oz samples of ANYTHING, when given out by a major conference sponsor;

5. Personal care items that are EXPIRED;

6. Items with no discernible purpose, or targeted for the wrong audience;

7. Keychains. Although I found out today that I was very, very wrong about this one, as it has a hidden purpose.

On the whole most of the swag (schwag?) was awesome and wonderful and fun; a couple of the offerings just rubbed me the wrong way.  (I zwaggled them, or just said no, thanks, to the sponsor.) (Or kept saying no, as the case may be.) (Seriously.  No breastfeeding is in my future.  Thanks.)

One response to this post.

  1. Interesting… And boo to the breastfeeding poduct pusher. They should know their audience. (I may be leaving myself WIDE OPEN to critisism here but I’ll go for it anyway) That has been my experience with BF proponents. It’s all about DO IT. DO IT. DO IT DO IT DO IT DOITDOITDOITDOIT!!!! with little or no regard for the personal situation of the woman involved. (I did bf BTW, so save it!)

    Thanks for answering, though.


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