Recycling batteries

This has been bugging me for a long time.  As in, the time that it’s taken us to use a ziploc baggie full of AA batteries.  We use rechargable batteries exclusively in the digital camera, flashlights, clocks, and such, but the kids’ toys still have a few regular AA, C, and D batteries in them.  Typically they came with the toy, but some? require regular ones by the packaging.


Anyway, today I found the definitive answer about recycling batteries in DC/MD.  Here’s the link to the MD answer page on battery recycling vs. disposal.

The short version?

Regular AAA, AA, A, C, and D batteries (whatever happened to B?) can be disposed of in the trash.

Rechargable NiMH batteries, car batteries, and special lithium batteries must go to a special county recycling center or a local store (like  Best Buy or Ikea) that will recycle them.

For all other types of batteries, check the MD answer page.

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