Sid the Science Kid

Sid the Science Kid is a new PBS show (and web site) that is welcome in my house anytime. Sid is a typical 5 year old kid, happy and curious, who wants to know “everything about everything.” He investigates his world with the help of his mom, dad, grandma, preschool teacher Susie, and his diverse group of friends at school.

The kids at school — May, a bookish girl with great dance moves, Gabriella, a happy tot in pigtails, and Gerald, the kid who bounces and runs and has endless energy — are all game to learn what Sid wants to learn, and to add some investigation of their own.

Each episode is centered on the use of a new science tool, and each follows a predictable (but no less fun) trajectory. First Sid asks his mom and dad what the tool is used for, or how it works, or how to answer a specific question. They do a little investigation. Then he goes off to preschool while mom and dad go to work (Mom’s a web designer; I don’t know what Dad does), and he gets the other kids curious about the topic of the day. Miss Susie helps the kids talk about it during circle time, and then they go to the FUN LAB where they do an experiment. Free play continues the investigation, as the kids adapt their new knowledge to their games. By the time Sid is picked up from preschool (in today’s episode, by Grandma), he’s bubbling with excitement over what he’s learned.

So far, we’ve seen episodes on science tools like a magnifying glass, a notebook (where they taught also about charts), and glasses (where they learned about vision).

Sid the Science Kid is a fantastic addition to our small list of TV shows that I let my preschooler watch — and I like to watch too!


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