It’s like a wee little wii

Vtech’s new Vmotion system is a lot of fun for preschoolers who are ready for video games.  The joystick is sized just right for little hands.  The controller is pretty straightforward; my 4 year old, new to video games of all kinds, picked it up pretty easily.  There are no wires to get in the way, and the system is responsive to a child’s movements.

The learning system is integrated into the video games, with the simple driving game (Widget’s favorite) also a hunt for missing letters.  The action stops while the child chooses the appropriate letter (from a set of two), and then they’re on the move again!

The only drawback is the graphics.  For some reason, the graphics are terribly pixelated.  Perhaps the game looks great on a handheld machine, but displayed on a TV, as on the Vmotion, the graphics give a very ’80s feel to the games.  I hope that Vmotion invests a bit in upgrading the graphics, even at the cost of new titles, because that is key to capturing a child’s interest.

Although my child was very happy with the Vmotion for a couple days, once he saw Daddy’s Nintendo wii, the jig was up and the Vmotion was put away.

For although the games were age-appropriate, learning-enabled, wireless, and fun, they’re just not as captivating as a realistic rendering of a tennis match.


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