What’s the payoff?

The Silicon Valley Moms Bloggers just read The White Trash Mom Handbook, by Michele Lamar, who also writes the White Trash Mom blog.  The book raised an important question for me and probably lots of us out here in the mommy trenches.  The question is, what’s the payoff?

Each of us only has so many hours in the day (24!), and there is always too much to do.  One thing that I’ve been thinking about lately, and that Michele brings up quite clearly, is that not all activities are created equal.  Some have more volunteer “ROI” or return on investment.  Now, no matter whether you judge ROI in terms of your own satisfaction, the kids’ gratitude, or benefit for the school, there’s always something to be learned when you consider an acvitity’s inherent value and ROI for each person involved.

Interesting, to say the least.  Do you get more ROI out of volunteering to bake cookies, to drive carpool, or to organize a benefit?  What about the school’s ROI?  The answer is different for everyone, but I think it’s worth considering.


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