Flashlight Adventure

My toddler, preschooler, and I love to play around with flashlights.  We make shadows on the wall, go hunting big beasties in the twilight, and keep one by our beds at all times, just in case we need to read a little in the night.

When I heard about the Flashlight Adventure Soundbook, I thought — just the thing!  And it just might be.  We have the Dora the Explorer book, and it’s fun to follow Dora on her adventures, participating here and there, and shine the flashlight (included) through the cut paper to make shadows on the book.

I was a little disappointed that there is only one place where the scene pops up enough to make a shadow on the wall — but that’s okay.  We can always do that ourselves, without a book.

This is a great self-contained activity book for use in small places like the car or a waiting area … particularly if you replace the flashlight that comes with it with one that doesn’t make such loud sounds.


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