An accomplice

Most of my reviews these days are of books. I love to read. I love to write. As it turns out, I love to write about books as well, and I’m really enjoying this new turn of events. But in a house of busy toddlers/preschoolers, not much reading gets done without two important prerequisites:

A reasonable bedtime and a good flashlight.

The problem is, my LED flashlights keep getting, um, misappropriated, by two very curious and inventive little boys. [Quick, what can you make with a flashlight, a set of keys, a tiny truck and a coupon? I don’t know either, but Little Bear is at his table with that set of things right now trying to figure it out.] They love, love, love flashlights, and were so excited when I gave them each one of their own at Christmas.

But the batteries ran out, and the flashlights got misplaced, and here we are again, with them taking my flashlight.

At least, they were — until Sylvania and the Parent Bloggers sent me the new Sylvania Pal Podzzz nightlight/flashlight combo. The flashlight is a cool little rocket, and it has a sturdy base for it to rest on and recharge. At lights-out, it automatically lights up and keeps a steady glow until my little astronauts fall asleep. If they need to make a spacewalk to the bathroom, one grab and it’s in their sleepy little hands, lighting the way. The rechargable base is a great idea, as there are no batteries to replace or parts to lose. The retro rocket design is really adorable, and it even fits in with their planet-themed bedroom.

Our only complaint was that it wasn’t usable right out of the box. In fact, it had to charge for 24 hours before first use … which felt like 24 days, as the little boys kept circling it, asking if it was ready yet. The price may be an issue too — it retails for $19.99. If that’s not an issue, for you, though, my kids and I agree that this is one flashlight that definitely has the right stuff.


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