Review Policy

Review Policy, effective April 30, 2009:

This web site is a blog of my personal opinion about books that I am reading, either with or without my children.  You’ll find new books, old books, book club books, parenting books, children’s books, and cancer books recommended on this site.  Some of the books have been provided to me free by the publishers; others I purchased with my own money.  Most, if not all, of the free books are passed around my moms club and donated to my local library after review.

This site will also include occasional reviews of educational web sites, tv shows, and related products for children.  This will happen much less frequently than book reviews, however, in relative proportion to how we spend our days.  I do not review video games or tv shows intended for children under 3.

Publishers, authors, and their representatives are welcome to contact me and request a review; I do not, however, do paid reviews or accept any compensation for this work.

Edited June 7, 2009: I do participate in blog networks Mom Central / Mothertalk and the Parent Bloggers Network, each of which at times have provided an honorarium of $20 or less for consideration of a book or product but have no control over the content of my post.


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