Good Stuff Eatery

How much fun can burgers and fries be? Usually I venture no farther than my local Five Guys, with preschoolers and maybe another mom or my husband, but last night was different. After a weekend of work, laundry, and Thomas the Tank Engine, I went out for Mom’s Night Out with some very awesome blogger friends … and we got to eat and hang out with Chef Spike at Good Stuff Eatery too! Yes, THE Chef Spike — but the real celebrities there were my fellow mom/bloggers.
I had a FANTASTIC night out with @Stimey, @Jessicaapiss, @Techsavvymama, @KC, @goonsquadsarah, @parentopiadevra, Sue, without her Party of 6,
@urbanmama, @mammaloves, @amalah, @jodifur, Javamom, TeachMama, @lumpyheadsmom, Lumpyhead’s Aunt Bob :-), @justicefergie, BananaBlueberry, and so many more!

I have to say, for a minivanful of ex-vegetarians and health-conscious moms, we did love these burgers.

Oh, and the milkshakes. Did I mention the milkshakes? Y.U.M. Mine, a creamy, milky, sweet concoction, was served in a chocolate-coated cup. Yum.

blog101_0228Devra, Spike, Good Stuff, and Quaker, thanks for a great night out!

Spike, good luck with Good Stuff and your new pizza venture!


One response to this post.

  1. So great seeing you-

    and I agree- totally yummy food !!!!


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