When You Give a Mom Ten Minutes

There’s a new book out called “When You Give a Mom a Martini,” by Lyss Stern and Julie Klappas.  In it are dozens of delightful ideas of how to pamper yourself unashamedly during those ten minutes that you steal for yourself here and there.  Some are easy and require no setup; some will require shopping or at the least preplanning.  What I liked best about this slim volume was the assumption that every mom has ten minutes a day to totally concentrate on herself, in whatever way she finds most frivoulous or most fulfilling.  I don’t think that we all have this understanding, actually, or the freedom to just walk out of the room, announcing your break time as you go.  Perhaps we should.  Perhaps it should be a must, and not just a ridiculous idea that one would toss around at Moms Club.  Once you have that, then everything looks a little more doable … and this book is a set of fun places to start.

What I would have loved would be a few heftier examples in there, like writing an irate letter to the editor (how cleansing!), sending off official correspondence (how liberating!), or exercising hard (how strengthening!).  You know, a “Double Daring Book for Girls,” all grown up.  I loved that book, and I find myself opening it just for fun when I’m looking for something new to do with the kids, or take my mind off the current stumbling block in my research.  But whether you’re more of an adventure girl or a girly girl, I think we can all agree that tomorrow, we should give Mom ten minutes to herself.

When You Give a Mom a Martini provided by Mom Central/MotherTalk along with a small gift card.  Double Daring Book for Girls provided by friend of the authors. I’ll review that one too, once I get my next ten minutes.


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