Obama for young readers

Mom Central sent me a beautiful book recently called Obama: The Historic Journey, published using reporting and photos from The New York Times.  The book, designed for young readers, tells Barack Obama’s story, with plenty of photographs, sidebars, and illustrations designed to emphasize certain points.  For instance, there’s a picture of a blackberry showing the historic announcement of Sen. Joe Biden as VP.  There are pictures of people voting at an elementary school, as well as the iconic red, white, and blue billboards with Obama’s picture on them.  The story of the campaign is told completely and well, and inspirational quotes are scattered throughout the text and highlighted in sidebars.  The pictures of Malia and Sasha help to humanize the story and make it relatable to young children.  The story concludes with beautiful pictures of the inauguration festivities, including Michelle Obama’s beautiful dress, Malia’s pink coat, and Sasha’s winning smile.

This book is a keeper, and one that I’ll be proud to read to my children not just now, as events are fresh, but in the coming years.

Disclosure:  Mother Talk/Mom Central provided the book and a $20 gift card for my time in reviewing the book.

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