Thank you notes

I’m really conflicted about what to do about the BlogHer swag. On the one hand, I really appreciate the sponsorship of these companies, foundations, and corporations, and I do want to say “thank you” to them, because BlogHer could not exist in its current form without them. On the other hand, I’m no shill, and I don’t even review products other than books and (very narrowly defined) educational products on this blog. So what’s a girl to do?

Write thank you notes to the companies on this blog, with links?

Ignore their generosity?

Donate the swag, unremarked upon, to a charity or pass along to a good friend?

I feel that the third option does not mitigate the choice of one of the first two. No matter what I do with the products (and we’re talking thumb drives and t-shirts here, nothing worth more than $10), if I don’t talk about it here, it’s almost like it didn’t happen, and there wasn’t any return from their point of view. I want them to see return — to SEE an investment in BlogHer and in women bloggers that pays off, in spades, because women are a good investment.

So I’m torn.

What are you doing about it? What do you think I should do?


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  1. Posted by upsidebackwards on August 2, 2009 at 7:24 pm

    Hmm. Tricky. T-shirts are easy enough – presumably they are branded, so just by wearing them you are giving the sponsor the exposure they were hoping to get. And in that case, it doesn’t matter who wears them, so feel free to pass them along if they don’t fit! For other things, you probably need to think about what the sponsor was hoping for. Were they trying to market to you, for your own consumption, or persuade you to market their stuff to others? (It would be really interesting to hear from sponsors on this point).
    I have to admit, this is a problem I never expect to have myself, so my thoughts should probably be taken with a large dose of salt!
    I’d probably be inclined to write a letter (on paper) thanking them for their sponsorship of the event, and for the swag, and outlining what I intended to do with it – which would either be use it myself and recommend it to friends if I found the product worthwhile, or pass it to friends if I couldn’t use it myself.


  2. That’s a good question because like you, my site has a really narrow focus and most of the things we got don’t fit in with the subject of my site. I did do a swag roundup but only mentioned a few things and not even close to all the stuff we got. Some things I know I can use as giveaways for my staff at the end of our staff meetings but that’s a really good question!

    I’ll be back to read others’ suggestions!


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