When Widget was born, I was captivated by the world of simple toys that could be used to spark and enhance a child’s imaginative capabilities. I wanted all-wood, non-commercial, toxin-free toys, and I wanted only the ones that would help my child learn.

Five years later, we have more plastic (and metal cars) than I’d care to admit. But each toy that comes in to this house must meet our rigorous standards for learning. It has to be usable four different ways, and it has to be something that requires the child to do more than the toy.

Today, Widget is five, Little Bear is two and a half, and they are past the ages where they are going to eat anything not on their plates (and some things on their plates.  Like squash). Today, they got their very first marble run. It’s not the Quadrilla that I fell in love with years ago — it’s a brightly colored plastic set that has just as many possibilities — more, actually — 121 pieces, 12 marbles, and many different kinds of pieces that join together to make a marble raceway.


Check it out. It’s teh awesome. And Widget has played with it for three hours straight, even through his little brother’s naptime and Mommy’s afternoon work. The Marbulous marble track is incredible, and I just wanted to tell everyone about it.

I bought mine at Lakeshore Learning Store, where I went on a veritable spree on a recent trip to California. They have stores all over the country, including Alexandria, VA, (Call me; we can drive down there together sometime!) and they are full of awesome learning toys and old-fashioned storybooks. (I haven’t been asked to promote them or anything; I just liked the store so much I would move in if they let me.)

Today is the last day to enter the Sid the Science Kid giveaway — click here and leave a comment before midnight, August 28, and you’ll be entered to win! Tomorrow will begin a new contest, for Zula Patrol DVDs, also from PBS Kids.


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  2. Love Lakeshore and had no idea they had a store in Alexandria! Count me in for that field trip! Yahoo!


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  4. Leticia — you’re in! It’s such a cool place to go.

    There’s also one in Towson … I keep thinking about a beach day up that way, but the day never seems to come.


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  6. […] I never let them watch tv for two hours total a day. Because I am insane and prefer to build marble castles over and over again, and wash play-doh and markers off my kitchen table. […]


  7. Posted by Peter on March 23, 2010 at 9:57 am

    My 5 year old granddaughter plays with this learning toy almost every day. She loves it and builds amazing creative constructions. I’m going to get her more Marbulous!


  8. learning toys are the best thing that you can give to your kids because it helps them develop their intelligence ~


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