eTranscription Solutions

My work is going very well, in large part because I have help. No one can do it all, right? One of my favorite partners is a company called eTranscription Solutions.

eTranscription Solutions is incredibly fast, accurate, and pleasant to work with. I upload an audio file (from my Olympus digital recorder or a conference calling center) to their web site, and I immediately receive a confirmation email that the file has been uploaded. The next day, the transcript is delivered to my in-box, along with any notes. The transcript is formatted beautifully, with everything just the way I like it (neat header, single space, no indents, speakers identified in bold). No muss, no fuss, no worries.

The company president, Susan Burgess-Sullivan, has been very helpful, and she even lets me know when there is poor audio, so I can correct the problem for future interviews.

The transcriptionists are so accurate that my proofing reviews now are basically for NASA acronyms and unusual words; their spelling is impeccable, and they even catch most homonyms, since they employ both transcriptionists and proofreaders before they return a transcript (which is usually the next day). This is a HUGE help for me, since I can’t type much because of the lymphedema, but after using them this summer, I’ll never try to do my own transcriptions again!

I highly recommend them if you’re considering transcribing historical interviews, conference calls, or other audio!

Disclosure: They didn’t pay me any money at all to write this post. I pay them for transcriptions. . . and it’s worth every penny.

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