Tag Junior

While I’m a huge fan of the Leapfrog Tag Reader, I have to say that the new Tag Junior is not on my tops list.  I was excited to see it come out at first, with a new easy grip just right for toddlers, but here’s what I don’t like:

* The Tag Junior does not read single words.  It will make sounds when various pictures are highlighted and read the entire block of text when the words are highlighted, but it does not have the point-at-a-word and hear it capability.  Which greatly lessens its use for prereaders, in my mind.

* The Tag Junior will not read Tag books.  So it has a limited lifetime, and it doesn’t grow with your child.

Three years ago, Tag Junior would have been an incredible advance.  Now it just feels like a reverse engineered version of the Tag, with less features, and it functions on the same level as Poingo.  Which is a shame, really.  The Tag Reader is still one of my favorite gadgets, and it gets lots of use around here on long car trips.

Disclosure:  Leapfrog sent me a Tag Reader and the starter book to test it out.  I’ll be donating this to a local charity thrift shop, in hopes that someone else can use it.


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