iPhone Apps

@Stimey just wrote a fantastic series of posts over at Things and Stuff on iPhone apps that they adore, and she asked us what our favorites are.  Here’s my list — what’s yours?


  • Yelp, Maps, Kindle, AccuWeather, Camera Zoom … all pretty standard

Social networking:

  • Tweetdeck, Twitpic, Facebook, WordPress … also standard platform-specific apps
  • Bump — like trading business cards, if both of you have it installed

Card games:

  • Free Solitare 3D (and its full version) — mmm, excellent card games on this one, and
  • Solitare City — nice graphics for the standard games

Word games:

  • Tapwords — like Boggle for one, this is an addictive little game for word lovers — but be warned, the dictionary it uses is not your mother’s dictionary.  It counts many, um, blue words, in addition to old fashioned ones, and some I’ve even never heard of.  An interesting add to the mix (but I cut myself slack on the scoring because of this).
  • Word Tower — this cross between scrabble, boggle, and tetris is not to be missed for fans of the English language!

Preschool games:

  • Lights Out — fun tapping game about energy conservation, from PBSkids;
  • FW Sampler — preschool letter game; and
  • Echo — Simon Says

More challenging games:

  • TanZen — just like Tangrams, and just as challenging;
  • Toobz — awesome quick puzzle game that my preschooler, husband, mother, and I all love;
  • Nintali Lite — frustrating but addictive puzzle game;
  • Waterslide — my preschooler loves this, great graphics; and
  • Tiki Tower, which is the best and most awesome iphone app I’ve found in the entertainment department.  In it, you build a bridge stick-by-stick for monkeys to swing across, and then you tap a button to “let the monkeys out!”  My kids and I love it, and they learn a little engineering while they’re at it.

The only thing I’m really unsatisfied with is a good news app.  Any suggestions?

Edited to add: I forgot to add my favorite make-a-word games, above, and here are my new favorites from Stimey’s blog:  Time Mobile, Chicks on the Loose, Pole Position, Spazzle, and WebMD.  Awesome additions — thanks, Stimey!


3 responses to this post.

  1. I definitely have some App adding to do!


  2. […] now:  my favorite iPhone apps.  What’s […]


  3. Posted by Kate on November 2, 2009 at 6:18 pm

    We bought Tiki Tower based on this recommendation and our 2.75 year old loves it! Thank you



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