The Body Toxic

The Body Toxic: How the Hazardous Chemistry of Everyday Things Threatens Our Health and Well-Being, is an eye-opener.  This book, by Nena Baker, is an investigation into the chemicals and chemical processes that Americans are exposed to through the simple activities of daily living.  The book was spurred by curiosity — Ms. Baker was curious what unnatural chemicals were in her own body, and a blood test showed that she had traces or more of more than 30 surprising chemicals, including DDT, which was banned several decades ago.  Her investigation, and what she found, is detailed in this new book, and it’s simply full of intriguing information.

Green moms, take note — this is a book full of research, written in a consumer-oriented way that feels like it was written by a friend.  From BPA to DDT, phalates to flame retardants, this is an important book that will surely be talked about for quite some time.

Just take my advice on one thing — don’t read it just before bed.  This is one scary book!  It may change your mind about avoiding toxins that you never considered before, and you may be moved to read more, to advocate, and to change your buying habits.  The Body Toxic is a straightforward, powerful read.

Disclosure:  The Body Toxic was sent to me for possible review and has been passed on to my local library. I am never compensated for reviews, nor do publishers, authors, or marketers have any control over what I write.

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  1. This sounds exactly like the kind of guide I’ve been looking for. I just placed a hold for it at my local library. Thanks.


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