Wrapped in love scarf

I often get questions about what to do for friends undergoing cancer treatment, tests, or long bouts of recovery.  I’ve put together a page of ideas and links on how to help a friend, and, a year later, that page and the associated posts still get hundreds of hits a month.  It’s important stuff.  Today, I’d like to add to that list a little fun gift idea for friends in chemo, suffering a pregnancy setback or loss, or dealing with other tough stuff that no one should have to go through alone.

One of my new favorite gifts is the dressy wrapped in love scarf,  from Red Envelope.  This scarf is a linen/rayon blend, in baby pink, with the word love printed in varying fonts and sizes.  It’s a beautiful accessory, perfect for reminding those you love how very much you care, and it comes wrapped in the signature red box with bow that makes gifts from Red Envelope seem so special and out of the ordinary.  [Note:  This is the thin, dressy kind of scarf, not the warm and snuggly kind.]  An added bonus is that 10% of the proceeds are donated to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure, so purchases support breast cancer awareness and research.  This isn’t the reason to buy it, though (as pinkwashing never is; a check directly to the organization will do just as well).

The reason I like it?  I can send it to friends who are going through a tough time, and it’s a physical reminder of the fact that I do care, very much, and I wish them well through this difficult time.  This scarf (or a handmade prayer shawl, a quilt, or a sweater, if you’re craftier than I am) is something that can be shared between friends, treasured, and held on to in difficult times.  The only thing I won’t do with this scarf?  Keep it for myself.  It was made to be given away.

Disclosure:  Red Envelope sent me this scarf for possible review. I am never compensated for reviews, nor do publishers, authors, or marketers have any control over what I write.


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