Diamond Jim Dandy

Diamond Jim Dandy and the Sheriff, by Sarah Burell and illustrated by Bran Langdo, is a new release from Sterling Books. Sterling is one of my favorite publishers (disclosure: they send me books to review) because of their selection of quality stories and magical illustrators, all put together in oversize picture books that are a joy to hold and read over and over again to my children. When I was first approached by Sterling, actually, I went to my kids’ bookshelves and found title after title from that publisher, and I was pleased to accept.

Diamond Jim Dandy is no exception. This tale of a sleepy Western town where nothing ever happens and the Sheriff babysits the local infants captures the imagination and sets the stage for the intrusion of a giant rattlesnake, who threatens to upset their staid lifestyle. But while the sheriff chases him around the town, the snake charms the groups of men, of ladies, and even the children of the town, laughing and dancing in the schoolyard.

What happens in the end? You and your kids will enjoy finding out.

Disclosure: Sterling sent me this title to review.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.


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