Time of My Life

My most recommended chick lit book this year:  Time of My Life, by Allison Winn Scotch.

Time of My Life takes a common sci-fi theme and explores it in the realm of chick lit — light, beach-ready, book-clubby fare.  The sophistication is lacking (if the same book were written as sci-fi, there would be very clever twists lurking in the passages), but the intent is pure, and the execution is well-done.

If you were stuck in a life that you never expected, and wished that you could go back and do it again, would you?  Would you do it … differently?

Jillian Westfield, mom to Katie, thinks she would.  She would go for the big account, stay in NYC, keep reaching higher and achieving more, and there might even be more history with that hot boyfriend.  She daydreams about it, thinking “If only.  If only.”  But then one day, she wakes up, and it IS.

Is it as much fun as she dreamed it would be?  Can she stop herself from making the same mistakes twice?

It’s an entertaining read, and one that I highly recommend for the beach this summer.  Or, you know, the book club.

Disclosure: None.  I bought this book myself.


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