A New Generation of Guides

Things sure have changed since the must-have guides for parenting were What To Expect When You’re Expecting, Your Baby Week by Week, and The Happiest Baby on the Block. 

Now we have to worry about things like teaching children the value of money, bullying, and helping each of them reach their full potential.  Two new books are out to help with these worries:  Piggybanking and The Paranoid Parents Guide. 

Piggybanking: Preparing Your Financial Life for Kids and Your Kids for a Financial Life, by Jeff D. Opdyke, discusses the ins and outs of raising a child to be confident in dealing with money.  Opdyke wrote the “Love & Money” column in the Wall Street Journal for years.  While my experience has been more along the lines of Michelle Singletary’s “Color of Money” column in The Washington Post, I can’t deny that he’s an expert.  While my little ones are so little they’re doing chores for quarters, they’ll grow, and I want their financial savvy to grow with them.  This is a book that I’ll keep by my side for years to come.

The Paranoid Parents Guide arrived in the mail with a giant band-aid across the cover.  This worried me, I’ll admit.  But tucked inside was a copy of the new cover, which proclaimed “Worry Less, Parent Better, and Raise a Resilient Child.”  Whew.  That sounds a lot better, doesn’t it?  Christie Barnes, who calls herself the founder of Paranoid Parents Anonymous, wrote this book, chock full of worries and why they should — or shouldn’t worry you. The style isn’t really to my taste, as I tend to go to the source for the answers to my questions (the American Cancer Society for cancer symptoms, green sites on whether to buy organic, etc.), but if you want all your worries wrapped up in one book, this book is probably right up your alley.

Disclosure:  Both of these books arrived in the mail, at no charge, with a press release.  If you’d like my copy of The Paranoid Parents Guide, leave a comment and I’ll give it to you at BlogHer or a local event.


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